How does Property Deal work for me?

How it works

One platform for investors, landowners and developers alike.

Property Deal works to make property investment accessible for all. Working with investors, landowners and developers alike to house a safe and sustainable platform for all investor and developer needs. Find out how we can work for you.

For Investors

In a nutshell, Property Deal works so you can invest directly into property deals via secured loans or equity into the development company.

Property deal allows investors to:
  • Invest directly into projects
  • Diversify a property portfolio between secured debt and equity investment in development projects throughout the UK.
  • Get connected to reliable developers and sites. The platform allows you to see track records and performance.
  • Projects save on fees driving higher margins and returns.
  • Build a reliable income from investments.
  • Be the first in a changing industry to embrace the future.

For Landowners

Property Deal is the perfect opportunity for landowners looking to sell or build a development team. Find your next opportunity with our wide and growing range of projects.

Property deal helps owners of sites maximize the value of the land they already own by:
  • Marketing your site to our investors and secure funding.
  • Connecting you to all the required parties and you then build the team you want to work with.
  • Connecting you to experienced and vetted developers looking for projects.
  • Supplying a customized limited company package for the development to be carried out under. these come with shareholder agreements, developer agreements and we issue share certificates accordingly.
  • Offering a wide range of funding options.

Our view is joint ventures between landowners and developers create a massive cost-saving and that benefit should be shared. Bringing sites and developers together saves on legal fees, agents fees and stamp duty and should be much more common.

Currently, the middlemen (agents) don’t recommend it, as they receive 2 sets for fees over 1. We provide initial valuations of land/sites and then submit them to our network for 30 days. This allows developers to seek potential investment and send their best offers. We do provide guidance and estimated figures but try and leave the negotiation down to the individual parties.

As a landowner would offer industry advice and have an approved list of third-party surveyors to advise. Where properties have a mortgage we have a team of brokers that can pre-approve any restructuring of debt to allow for development. These costs are added to the development costs. As a land/site owner we would also encourage you to develop the site yourself. As a network, we would connect you to contractors, provide online assistance and open the door to the funding of the project.

For Developers

Property Deal works with developers to secure sites and funding. We connect you with proactive landowners and investors for a smoother and faster development process.

Property deal enables you to increase the Loan To Value of your projects
  • Through the network you build working relationships up with people who can find good projects and funders you can rely on.
  • Less admin for you to concentrate on the projects, not the structure.
  • Buy off market sites and form joint ventures with landowners, lowering your capital requirements.
  • You save on fees and expensive finance, we want to change the cost of and methods of development and bridging finance through direct crowd funding.

We want to create profiles for every developer whereby investors get to see track record, current projects and future projects. Developers can post updates on projects to their profile and upload documents.

We want investors to follow developers and have a scoring system based on performance and returns. This will need to be calculated on delivery, return, and against initial proposals. As we want to build a system whereby people purchase properties directly we need to ensure quality and buyers will be able to contact us after to voice any quality issues.

All new projects will be vetted prior to being uploaded, purchase price, build cost and comparable sales figures will need to be justified.

Self-building is chargeable and encouraged by small builders trying to get into development but in the event of costs running over the developer’s profit upon sale can be used to top up investor returns only if returns are 2% less than offered in the original proposal.

All new developments will be done in SVP companies with shareholding issued according to equity investment. All sites will have a binding developer agreement ensuring full control of the development is held by the developer. Any changes will be discussed through the platform virtual shareholder meeting and agreed via a vote.

We want to encourage people into development and where possible will offer support, course’s and have online seminars. Size permitting we’d like to hold annual presentations for the developer community on the network where awards can be won and people can meet.

Find out more about our financing structure and development agreements

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