About us

Property Deal connects the right people to the right people across the development space.

Property Deal cuts out the fees and needless middlemen in the property sector.

Property Deal is built for anyone looking to buy, sell, let or rent a property. We believe it shouldn’t cost a fortune to sell or rent something you own, especially when you probably know more about your own property than most agents. We provide people the opportunity to trade their own properties without going through the normal channels. This makes for a more competitive marketplace without excessive fees being charged by middlemen.

Our goal is to change the way properties are transacted throughout the UK. Property transactions haven’t changed for years and the current methods are out of date and overly controlled by expensive middlemen. With the internet, buyers and renters now find properties online but then rely on these expensive middlemen to reach a deal. Our platform is designed to connect landlords and property sellers directly to end users saving both parties needles and expensive fees.

We want to build a new future for how people trade property and giving the power back to the individuals is how we want to start.

At Property Deal we believe it should cost nothing to try and sell your own home but to date there hasn’t been an effective way of doing this. The purpose of Property Deal is to offer that platform for people to take control of their property sales or lettings and save on excessive agents fees.

© 2021 Property Deal. All rights reserved.

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© 2021 Property Deal. All rights reserved.

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